Voodoo Experience in New Orleans Announces Initial Lineup with more Coming Soon!

Voodoo Experience in New Orleans Announces Some of their Lineup with more Announcements Coming Soon! We attended Voodoo last year and had a blast! Can’t wait for this year

Initial Lineup

  • Green Day
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse
  • Skrillex
  • Justice
  • Tomahawk
  • Say Anything
  • Bootsy Collins
  • Gary Clark Jr.
  • Preservation Hall Jazz Band


The Wombats at Voodoo Experience 10/28/11 (Photos & Review)

Matthew Murphy (Murph)
Dan Haggis
Tord Øverland-Knudsen

The Wombats of Liverpool, England were one of the top highlights of Voodoo Fest. The whimsical indie rock band drew an upbeat and hard-partying crowd even though they played at 2:15 PM. The Wombat’s quirky personalities would mesh well with the guys from Blink 182, because both performances were full of naughty  jokes. For instance, more than one Wombat song was introduced as being about “falling in love with a prostitute.” The group commanded the obedient crowd to get out their “pretty smart dance moves you don’t get out for everybody.” One die-hard fan from England was happy to oblige and happily put on a dance-party show of her own.

The New Orleans sky threatened to rain during the entire performance and the Wombats advised that “if it does rain, take off all your clothes and wear your birthday suit!” Many of the audience members were adorned in bright colored costumes in celebration of Halloween which is huge event in New Orleans. Murph playfully poked fun at Tord’s costume by asking him if he was a chicken pox victim or a tyrant. “Tord has AIDS, let’s hear it for Tord and his f******* AIDS!” Musically, the guy sounded fabulous and were thrilled to be playing at the festival. It was a joy and rare treat to see them play live.

My Chemical Romance at Voodoo Fest 10/28/11 (Photos & Review)

Gerard Way
Mikey Way
Ray Toro
Frank Iero


The Voodoo Experience was the last stop on My Chemical Romance’s 2011 US tour. Their hour long set was a dazzling array of their greatest hits. MCR are experts at being able to command a large stage. In fact, the bigger the stage, the harder they rock. In celebration of Voodoo and Halloween, the band wore medieval costumes that worked well with the red, orange, and yellow lighting. Gerard rightfully fished for positive feedback from the crowd by asking, “Did any other band dress up for you other than the same ‘ol rock ‘n roll shit?” Die-hard MCR fans also noticed that frontman Gerard Way had recently changed his hair color from shocking red to a valiant black color. Closer towards the end of the show, Gerard Way demanded that the stage lights be cut and that the band come in for a huddle. We’ll never know what was discussed, but their energy level increased even more. Gerard had an extra amount of swagger that night as he seductively belted out the “Uh UhUh UhUh” lyrics to the song “Destroyer.” During different moments of the show, Gerard flirtatiously licked his fingers, blew a kiss out into the crowd, and thrashed on the floor. Perhaps spending the summer touring with the boisterous guys of Blink 182 has inspired Gerard to ham it up even more than usual. MCR put on an enthusiastic show at Voodoo and sounded better than ever.
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
Give ‘Em Hell, Kid
Planetary (GO!)
The Kids From Yesterday
Famous Last Words
I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
Our Lady of Sorrows
The Only Hope for Me Is You
Welcome to the Black Parade




Peelander-Z (Japanese Action Comic Punk Band) at Voodoo 10/28/11 (Photos)

Peelander-Yellow: Guitar/Vocals
Peelander-Red: Bass/Vocals
Peelander-Green: Drums/Vocals


Peelander-Z is a zany Japanese action comic punk band based out of NYC. They win the award for the most entertaining band of Voodoo because their energy level was out-of-control and the audience went insane for them.

Civil Twilight at Voodoo Experience in New Orleans 10/28/11(Photos & Review)

Andrew McKellar
Steven McKellar
Richard Wouters


Civil Twilight is a rock band out of Cape Town, South Africa that should be on your list of bands to take notice of. They cite Oasis, U2 and Nirvana,The Verve, The Police, Muse and Radiohead as their main inspirations. We had heard great things about Civil Twilight and knew their performance was a MUST SEE at Voodoo. Live Civil Twilight sounded wonderfully robust and had a sophisticated smooth style. Their blended melodies are admirable and singer Steven has a captivating voice. Check out photos from their set!

Prepare for Voodoo Playlist 2011

Last year’s playlist has been disabled! Stay tuned for this year’s list as the lineup becomes available! Meanwhile check out our Noize mixtape:  Noize

We put together a giant playlist of Voodoo artists on Spotify so that those going this year and those who can’t attend can preview the music. This playlist is a work in progress and includes anything from local New Orleans musicians, the headliners and everything in between. The playlist is HUGE so put it on shuffle and enjoy! Voodoo Experience Playlist FYI Spotify is free to download!

Voodoo Experience in New Orleans is One Week from Today! Oct. 28-30 (Preview)

Voodoo Experience is a music festival held every year for the past 12 year in New Orleans. The festival has hosted over 450 artists and over 1 million visitors over the last decade. Voodoo Festival blends national acts with local Louisiana musicians in order to give the festival its distinct New Orleans vibe.

This year’s lineup includes: The Ranconteurs, Soundgarden, Snoop Dogg Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Band of Horses, Steve Angello, Ai Difranco, The Wombats, Civil Twilight, Girl Talk, Mastodon, City and Colour, Kreayshawn, Fatboy Slim, Portugal the Man, TV on the Radio and TV on the Radio. View more here: http://thevoodooexperience.com/2011/.

This year the festival is also featuring several large-scale art installations placed throughout the park. The Voodoo Experience website states that: “The purpose of the exhibition is to provide another layer in a comprehensive, multi-sensory “experience” that elicits both physical and emotional responses from festival-goers.  The vibrant pieces celebrate experimentation with technology and electronic media along with the nonconventional use of sustainable materials. Another key aim of the various art installations is to emphasize the human element in this large-scale event by providing interactive opportunities for participants to make both their individual and collective presence felt.  In this way, the works express the spirit of performance and audience participation that is the essence of the music festival as a public gathering.” I am really looking forward to checking this out. Here are some pictures of what some of the installations will look like…

Now let’s talk FOOD!!!

Voodoo has done an excellent job at choosing local restaurants and vendors to offer a huge selection of different kinds of food. Here are just some of the selections that sound GREAT: Banana’s Foster Bread Pudding, Chicken and Ssausage Jambalaya, Crawfish Quesedilla, Bacon and Cheese Crepe, and Grilled Alligator sausage on a stick. Yum! Food details can be found HERE.

The festival is a week away and we can hardly wait. I started to put together a giant playlist of Voodoo artists on Spotify so that future attendees and those who can’t attend can preview the music. The playlist is HUGE so I suggest you put it on SHUFFLE. Voodoo Experience Playlist