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The Wombats at Voodoo Experience 10/28/11 (Photos & Review)

Matthew Murphy (Murph)
Dan Haggis
Tord Øverland-Knudsen

The Wombats of Liverpool, England were one of the top highlights of Voodoo Fest. The whimsical indie rock band drew an upbeat and hard-partying crowd even though they played at 2:15 PM. The Wombat’s quirky personalities would mesh well with the guys from Blink 182, because both performances were full of naughty  jokes. For instance, more than one Wombat song was introduced as being about “falling in love with a prostitute.” The group commanded the obedient crowd to get out their “pretty smart dance moves you don’t get out for everybody.” One die-hard fan from England was happy to oblige and happily put on a dance-party show of her own.

The New Orleans sky threatened to rain during the entire performance and the Wombats advised that “if it does rain, take off all your clothes and wear your birthday suit!” Many of the audience members were adorned in bright colored costumes in celebration of Halloween which is huge event in New Orleans. Murph playfully poked fun at Tord’s costume by asking him if he was a chicken pox victim or a tyrant. “Tord has AIDS, let’s hear it for Tord and his f******* AIDS!” Musically, the guy sounded fabulous and were thrilled to be playing at the festival. It was a joy and rare treat to see them play live.

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