NoiseBullseye copy1Noize is a site focused on visual journalism, opinion pieces, popular culture and general shenanigans that showcase a path to modern enlightenment. We’ve grown from a typical “music blog” that focused on showcasing music, concert photography and documentary photography, and are taking it up a notch. We also aim to celebrate self-expression and the power of the written word especially when paired with striking imagery. The name “Noize” originally came to be because of the noise music makes and the noise found in low-light photography, but now we’d just like to shake things up:) Our Mascot/logo is a Cockatoo because we own one, and she’s f’in loud.

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Contributors include-

Alexis Simpson: Alexis is the editor of Noize, and a visual journalist out of the Detroit area with a focus on music, reportage photography and telling stories with words and photos. Her photos have been seen nationally in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, Forbes, Entertainment Tonight, Jezebel, E! and world-wide in publications as far away as Germany, Canada, China, Belgium, France, Slovakia, and Poland.

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alexis_simpson/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/noizenews OR http://www.twitter.com/alexismarie
Tumblr: http://noizenewsdotcom.tumblr.com
Instagram: User name=noizenews


Dave Palmer: Dave’s column is Society’s Slideshow. By day, he is a teacher; by night a part-time musician and independent mind. Based in metro-Detroit, he “takes pictures of society with his cerebral cortex and converts them into a sildeshow of the world Dave guitar

Jacob Giampa: Jacob is a rising young talent who tries to shoot as many different genres of music as possible. He also has a knack at getting backstage! “Like” his page on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jacobgiampatakespictures

jacobphotografPhoto by Amanda Kane


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