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Noize Favorite Photographers: Olivia Bee

We are starting a section highlighting our favorite photographers, and I’m excited to announce Olivia Bee as our first Noize-recognized photographer. Her work is whimsical, dreamy, sensual, and showcases the softer side of what it’s like to be a teenager. Olivia picked up her first camera at the age of 10, gained Converse as her first major commercial client at the age of 15, and just released a major Le Monde d’Hermès campaign and video at her current age of 18. It’s hard to not be a little envious of her success at such a young age, but her talent is undeniably inspiring.We first heard of her on Vice and Rookie Mag. Check out her work on her website and view a few videos we dug up in order to learn more about her. Her self-portraits are divine-she’s the lovely with the round cherub face and golden red hair!

Hermes Video

News Interview


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