Civil Twilight at Voodoo Experience in New Orleans 10/28/11(Photos & Review)

Andrew McKellar
Steven McKellar
Richard Wouters

Civil Twilight is a rock band out of Cape Town, South Africa that should be on your list of bands to take notice of. They cite Oasis, U2 and Nirvana,The Verve, The Police, Muse and Radiohead as their main inspirations. We had heard great things about Civil Twilight and knew their performance was a MUST SEE at Voodoo. Live Civil Twilight sounded wonderfully robust and had a sophisticated smooth style. Their blended melodies are admirable and singer Steven has a captivating voice. Check out photos from their set!


  1. Civil Twilight is AMAZING! <3 I absolutely love them. Steven's voice is like an orgasm to my ears, he's phenomenal and their lyrics are beyond this world. You guys should definitely check their whole 1st album (:

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