Electric Forest Festival starts this Thursday! (Lineup, Maps and MixTape/Playlist)

By Alexis Simpson This year we are covering Rothbury’s Electric Forest Festival that starts this Thursday and runs through Sunday. In case, you haven’t seen the lineup yet, it’s posted below. For those of us who are going, we created a Spotify playlist of this year’s artists. Electric Forest 2014 Playlist e Schedule  

Engineering the Failure of Public Schools, Part 4: High-Stakes Testing

By Dave Palmer Part 4 of 4 The final pieces of the puzzle that shows how public schools are currently being set up for failure are the very many standardized tests students have to take. No matter how many times our representatives and senators in Lansing cut the budget for schools, they always seem to find […]

Justin Bieber’s hype sure to create non-“Beliebers”

By Dave Palmer The 20 year old pop star Justin Bieber has certainly been the center of media attention in the past few months. So far, he has been the target of scrutiny for peeing in a mop bucket at a restaurant, writing that he hoped that Anne Frank would be a “Belieber” if she […]

Engineering the failure of public schools, Part 3: Distance Learning and Technology Implementation

By: Dave Palmer The next piece of the puzzle that shows public schools are being set up for failure comes in the form of technology implementation and distance learning (sometimes referred to as “virtual academies”). While it is important to familiarize today’s students with basic technology that is used in virtually every career a student […]

Legz Diamond Interview and How Does your Garden Grow articles posted on Real Detroit Weekly!

By Alexis Simpson Check out my latest Real Detroit Weekly articles! How Does your Garden Grow? Legz Diamond Interview

Engineering the failure of public schools, Part 2: Unrealistic Expectations

By: Dave Palmer Part 2 of 4 Another facet of the attempt to undermine public schools and ensure their failure is contained in the realm of unrealistic expectations. The 2001 No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) set the gears of the modern war against public schooling in motion by setting forth both unrealistic expectations and using […]

Medical Marijuana Expo at the Roostertail 3-28-13 (Photos)

Last weekend, The Roostertail in Detroit hosted the 4th annual Medical Marijuana Expo organized by Roseville certification center, American Medical Marijuana Professionals (AMMP.BIZ). The event offered speakers, classes, demonstrations, free food, a magic vapor bus that carted patients to an off-site medication area, multiple vendors, and an After Party with Special guest Afro Man, best […]

The birth of the American Oligarchy

Forget July 4th as a national holiday. Mark April 2nd on your calendars as a new holiday: The official birth of the American Oligarchy. The Supreme Court handed down its decision in McCutcheon v. FEC, another campaign finance case aimed at eliminating limits on individual contributions to federal elections. The plaintiffs claimed that their First […]

House Republicans seek to ban national park creation

By: Dave Palmer According to ThinkProgress, House Republicans have scheduled a vote on H.R. 1459, which  would “aims to block presidents from using the Antiquities Act of 1906 to establish new national monuments by putting caps on how many times it can be used, requiring congressional review of proposed monuments, and forcing local communities to […]

Engineering the failure of public schools, Part 1: The Defunding Movement

By Dave Palmer Part 1 of 4 Perhaps the most insidious problem with schools is the giant financial shell game in which districts are forced to participate. The game can be traced back to the 1994 enactment of Proposal A when school funding was taken out of the hands of local school districts and put into […]

The realities of life as a teacher: An introduction to a four-part series.

By: Dave Palmer For many people who have not been in a classroom or received formal training in education, it is difficult to imagine a day in the life of a teacher. Many have most likely painted a mental picture of what it might be like based on their experiences in school. However, the reality is […]

Instagram Randomness: Toilet Bubble Bath 2-17-14

iPhone Photos by Alexis Simpson Detroit Home For Sale Burnt Home Starting to Crumble Detroit Cable Man Shrine Gun Range/Store Mexicantown Heidelberg Project tree Frida Bubble Bath in the Toilet Roseville

A Rant About Education

By Dave Palmer One of this year’s main talking points for politicians facing re-election or vying for an incumbent’s seat is the state of our nation’s education system. We are past the argument about whether or not schools are broken; most people know they are. The arguments now surround what is the best method to […]

@CrimeintheD Kwame Comments of the Day 2/2/2014

Any of the below comments are interesting…One for Kwame, one against….If you haven’t had the chance yet, watch Kwame’s mother’s asinine video in support of her baby boy.

Bieber, teachers, and scalpers, oh my!

By Dave Palmer This past week was rife with so many juicy news stories that it was hard to pick just one to highlight. Therefore, I’ve decided to present three stories along with a brief analysis of them. 1. Two Northville High School special education teachers suspended over high-stakes testing: A report on WDIV’s morning […]

Best of North American International Auto Show Detroit! (Photos)


2014 NAIAS (Photos)

By Jacob Giampa                                                                          

Five ways to put $1.3 billion surplus to work without affecting revenue

By: Dave Palmer Michigan appears to be in the throes of the financial better days many people looked forward to after 2008’s economic meltdown. The Detroit News reported that Michigan’s Senate Fiscal Agency projected “…in December that the state will exceed prior revenue projections by $434 million this budget year, $327 million in 2013-14 and $514 million in […]

A New Year’s Resolution for U.S.: Work Together for Improvement

By: Dave Palmer Our nation is historically rooted in the notion of collectivism. 56 men were present at at the Continental Congresses that forged the Articles of Confederation and the Declaration of Independence. When that grand experiment failed, a group of many of the same people returned to the Continental Congress to draft the U.S. […]

First Annual Scrooge of the Year Award

By: Dave Palmer Each holiday season seems to have its own particular set of Scrooges who seem determined to spoil the holidays for everyone, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable among us. This year is no different, with the exception that I have decided to call attention to what I believe to be the […]

Gov. Snyder signs Epi-Pen bill, absolves parents of more responsibility

By: Dave Palmer When it comes to education, the Michigan Legislature seems determined to make schools responsible for every aspect of a child’s life, including things that would and should normally be part of parents’ responsibilities. Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law a piece of legislation that is no doubt extremely important for ensuring the […]

Show Alert for Tonight! Cage the Elephant, Blue October, Foals, Iamdynamite

This is going on tonight! Don’t miss out…

6 Instagram Accounts to Follow.

By Alexis Simpson Instagram is by far my favorite social media outlet. For those of you looking for users worth following, these are my top six recommendations: 1. CRIMEINTHED Let’s face it, Detroit isn’t just about hipsters, BBQ, and bicycling-it’s also about car jacking, murder, and armed robbery etc. To stay up with the latest happenings in […]

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