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Album Review: Real Estate’s “Days” 10/22/2011 (Score 81%)

Kevin via

The New Jersey band Real Estate has just released it’s second full-length album, “Days.” On this follow-up the band continues to combine meditative lyrics and relaxing guitar-pop to create a simple and atmospheric sound.

Real Estate is very good at using guitars to create a relaxed ‘beach-wave’ sound. Much of this is is due to the unique style of the band’s guitarist, Matt Mondanile, who also plays guitar under the name Ducktails and might also be remembered for having collaborated with Animal Collective’s Panda Bear.

Throughout their record releases, the band has shown a common underlying theme. These simple guitar songs are all reflecting the romanticized way these guys see America; a grey and unsustainable land they navigate with jingly-jangly guitars and a zen-like attitude.

Every track on “Days” rolls on with lyrics in a way that perfectly crisp and seamless. It’s excellent music for driving down the road because it’s almost impossible to be in a hurry while listening to this stuff.

 SCORE: 84 out of 100

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