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Clothing Designer Olympia Le-Tan Channels the Lady Obamas

While browning Tumblr I ran across this photo which was taking during Paris Fashion Week at the Olympia Le-Tan show. I took one look at the photos and assumed, “Duh, her inspirations are the lady Obamas!” Olympia Le-Tan is a  handbag and clutch creator turned clothing designer whose creations are being devoured by celebrities and fashionistas looking to imitate the crisp and classy country-club look swirled with a 50’s/60’s vibe.  I did a quick “google” to see if anybody else had noticed the association, but to no prevail. Regardless, I think I am spot on with guessing her inspiration and admire the line and bags. So, in anticipation of Obama winning 4 more years, check out some of the designs below and tell us if you would wear them!

Pace Wu and Michelle Williams carrying the “book” clutch.


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