Paul’s Video of the Moment: Aaralyn and Izzy (Murp)- Sick of You (GWAR Cover)

By Paul Detroit This is the best cover of Gwar’s “Sick of You” RIP ODERUS

#2 Paul’s Video of the Moment: : Crazy Guy

By Paul Detroit What’s with this guy?

#1 Paul’s Video of the Moment: Crazy Russians Play on Skyscraper

by Alexis Simpson My boyfriend Paul loves watching YouTube videos, and has a knack at finding interesting ones. I thought it would be fun to share them 😉 The first one he picked is a video of two crazy Russians climbing on the outside of a skyscraper in China. Last night as I was watching it […]

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By Alexis Simpson Noize now has Paul Detroit helping us with videos! We just made our own Youtube channel and will be adding some great videos. Subscribe to our channel here:

Electric Forest 2014 Video

By Paul Detroit Here is a video summary of our time at Electric Forest 2014!

Song of the Moment: Mykki Blanco “Haze.Boogie.Life”

Love this! Check out Mykki’s website because it’s awesome and there is  a free mixtape to download! @MYKKIBLANCO instagram:mykkiblanco

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