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Panic! at the Disco in Royal Oak @ Arts, Beats, & Eats 9/2/2011 (Photos and Review)

Coachella? Lolla? SXSW? Sure, they’re great…But the small city of Royal Oak has been pulling together their own mini music festival full of great acts at an unbeatable price. The city was able to snag Panic at the Disco before the band sets out on their Fall tour. Panic! singer, Brendon Urie, quickly commented to the crowd how hot it was in Detroit and teased that he may have to remove some clothing if the audience is willing to as well. Record temperatures or not, Panic! at the Disco put on a lively, full-sounding performance complete with great lighting, superb musicianship, and Urie’s  distinctive and lyrical voice. You didn’t have to be wearing colored skinny jeans or have artfully-cut shaggy hair in order to bounce around to Panic!’s brand of music. My favorite moment was when Urie slowed things down and sang “Always.” It’s a great song, and I liked that night’s rendition. A good time was had by all, and I’m guessing Panic! earned some additional fans due to their premium performance.

SETLIST as deciphered by www.setlist.com

  1. (with Personal Jesus snippet)
  2. Encore:
  3. (Kansas cover)
  4. (Marvin Gaye cover)
  5. Look at these two guys having fun!

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