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Fat Tour 2013 Less Than Jake and Anti Flag 11/14/13 @ Clutch Cargos

By Jacob Giampa

It’s a sad day when a venue has to close its doors for good. Last Thursday was Clutch Cargo’s last show, and they went out with a bang with the Fat Tour 2013. Headlining the show was Less than Jake and Anti Flag with special guest, Masked Intruders. This punk rock tour will be one to remember.

Masked Intruders has a bright future. They are a fun punk rock band who wear colored ski masks and refer to the band members as the color of mask the are wearing. The group  have a very pop punk sound, and sang mostly about girls. During their song “Heart Shaped Guitar,” the band brought a random girl from the crowd to sing the song with them. Congrats to the girl who put on a great impromptu performance!

I have seen Anti Flag many times in the past few years and they have never disappointed. Thursday was no exception-they were amazing and gave it their all. At the end of the set, Pat Thetic,(the drummer) brought his kit into the crowd and played his drum solo. Seeing a drummer from one of your favorite bands beat on the drums with all his might from just a few feet away, is one of the coolest things I have ever experienced in my days of seeing concerts. I know that any time Anti Flag is in town, you will see me at their show!

Less Than Jake gave Clutch Cargos the goodbye it deserves…A good punk rock show full of moshing, drinking and dancing. Supporting the release of their new album, See the Light, the Pontiac crowd found out that ska is far from dead. It was impossible not to want to dance to all the catchy songs Less Than Jake played. My favorite song of the night was “All My Best Friends Are Metal Heads” I can remember being a kid listening to it, and hearing it live always gets me excited!




















































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