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Instagram Randonness: I Miss Twirp 10/26/12

All photos posted here are taken with my iPhone 5 and have been posted on Instagram (Noizenews) at some point. Good photographs don’t have to be taken with a fancy camera in order to be relevant or entertaining. This series serves as a reminder of the importance and fun of photography as a tool for documentation!

Zombie Rahr
Camouflaged zombie trying to get me #halloween #zombie
Remember Summer?
Hipsters at the pool
Florida birds
Fall in Royal Oak
Fall day on a street in royal oak, mi
RIP In Twirp the Cat:(
Twirp the cat
Kwame Blows Goats
What Up Doe? Ypsilanti, MI
What up doe?
Hipsters from an old Strange Boys show
Car Wash
Carwash soap
A neighborhood pervert?
Me rahr
Sara Bird
Sara bird
Made Polish Day My Bitch Graffiti
Bathroom grafitti at the new dodge bar in hamtramck, mi
#clown #halloween
Girl Passes Out at Warped Tour 2012
Girl passes out at #warpedtour but is quicly revived.

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