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Review: Bassnectar in 2012 (Score 91%)

Last week we were supposed to attend the Bassnectar show in Detroit, but got assigned to cover Madonna last minute so we figured we would take photos after the Madonna show. Security wouldn’t let us bring our cam in that late so we were bummed, but judging from all the drunk people outside of the Fillmore and in the lobby, a good time was had by all. So instead of photos from the show, we made a Spotify playlist of all of Bassnectar’s 2012 released tracks on Spotify and wrote down our first impressions of each song. Also, congrats to Bassnectar for being listed on Rolling Stone’s list of “The DJs that Rule the Earth.”


1. Freestyle: Good start off song.

2. Breathless: Passable. Not loving the female vocals but like the space vibe.

3.. Hologram: Kinda relaxing…

4. Infinite: Gets movin’ 1/4 of the way in. Solid.

5. Human: Yes! Very danceable…Fave of the album.

6. Ego Killer-Bassnectar & Timeline Remix: Perfect beginning. “WOW.”!

Up All Night Vol. 2-Dark Room

1. For the Love of Girls: We’re bouncin’…

2. Bomb the Blocks-Majik Johnson Remix: Interesting sounds. steady smooth rhythm.

3. Bullfrog: Perfect title. Amazing! Sounds like a quirky little frog catching bugs in the woods. YUM.

4. You Know: Like the beeps and the CUPCUP noises. Best on the album!

5. Magdalena: Ten songs in one.

6. Woman of the Sun-Magik Johnson Remix: Skillfully mixed. Dig 2:04 beat. Track lasta a little too long.

7. Yo-Max Renn’s Sticky Beats Dub: Werd.

8.Chickon on the Wing: Reminds me of the beepbeep cupcup song. Wonder how it got its name?

9. Breathe You In-Juan de la Madre Mix: Solid

Divergent Spectrum Remix EP

1. Upside Down (Bassnectar & Terravita Remix): Good remix of his 2011 track.

2. Red Step (Steve Aoki Remix): Sounds like Aoki:)

3. Voodoo (Bassnectar & Ill. Gates Remix): Nice noize.

4. Heads Up (The Glitch Mob Remix): Do songs that say “bounce” make ppl bounce? Prolly.

5. Voodoo (Beats Antique Remix) Oriental Voodoo mixed with some gypsy and hiphop. Somehow it works!

6. Color Storm: Just OK🙁 

Vava V0om

1. Vava Voom: Perfect as it should be since it’s the album name.

2. Empathy: Makes me sleepy🙁

3. Ugly: Perfect dance song because it inspires you to make your own “ugly” dance.

4. Ping Pong: Clever.

5. What:Hyper/up-beat. Best part stats at 1:23.

6. Pennywise Tribute: Nice change of pace.

7. Do It Like This: Laid back with strong beats and fancy noises.

8. Laughter Crescendo (2012 Version): Too much giggling. It would be better if there were laughter-like noises kinda like the “Bullfrog” song🙁

9. Butterfly: Nice keys, dig the vocals. nice slow pace. Lovely:)

10. Nothing Has Been Broken:

11. Chronological Outtakes: We like bASS in the face.

SCORE= 29/32=91%

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