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Check Out Slightly Stoopid! (Concert Photos & Album Review) Score 81%

Slightly Stoopid drew us in when they opened for 311. They played a long set that impressed the laid back and fun-loving Detroit crowd. They are a groovy group of white boy reggae masters with an impressive backup band. Their performance made us want to check out their new album. Here are our first Impressions of Top of the World and concert photos from their performance last month. One of the band members was making eyes at me, can you guess who?:)

1. Top of the World-Solid intro song

2. Don’t Stop-Makes me want to go back to Jamaica.

3. Devil’s Door-Muffled sound, good bass line

4. Serious Man-Nice bouncy tempo about a serious man who doesn’t gossip. Gossiping is fun tho? Oh well, good enough track anyways.

5. Way You Move-Groovy

6. Drink Professionally-Gotta love a song about drinking, Cheers!

7. Ur Love-We love you too.

8. We Don’t Wanna G0-Nostalgic Loveliness

9. Ska Diddy-Up-beat, gotta have a city shout out song at some point…

10. Just Thinking (fest. Chali 2na)-Fave song so far..Love Chali. Lyrically strong

11. Deal With Rhythm-Needs more rhythm…🙁

12. Pon Da Horizon-The “Oooh Ah” grunting distracts me. Prefer their up tempo songs. 🙁

13. Work-I can see playing this song after work while having a drink:)

14. Mona Lisa (feat. Angela Hunte)-Angela sounds a lil like Rihanna. Interesting duet.

15. Rhythm Streets-Not feeling the “rhythm” again. 🙁

16. Hiphoppablues (feat. G. Love)-Blues? 🙁

17. New Day-Pleasant and good instrumental ending

18. Underneath the Pressure-Jam!

19. Marijuana (feat. Don Carlos)-Nice groove altho we aren’t smokers:)

20. I’m On Fire-Good cover:) Very nice! They smooth blend makes me want to hear them do more “ballads.”

21. Intro to Organics (feat. Dan Papala)-Hmm…smooth to metal? Different ending but it works.

17 /21 81%

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