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Album Review: Artificial Agent-Brain Grenade (Score=100% )

SONY DSCBy Alexis Simpson

We first saw this band perform when opening for Steel Panther. Since then, we’ve spotted Derek enjoying rock shows at venues such as Small’s and Royal Oak Music Theatre. Also, you may have spotted his brother on Instagram with a deluge of photos of his new bride-Congrats! They released their new CD a few months ago, so we wanted to see what it was all about and relay our first impression of the album.

Members Derek Jendza
Mike Elgert
Brad Jendza
Karl Crafton



1. Master Blaster: Catchy and simple with great guitar work! 🙂

2. Brain Grenade: Fuzzy sounding, slower tempo song about love gone bad. Strong instrumental intro and ending! 🙂

3. Out of Time: Sung with conviction. We prefer the faster tempo songs such as this one. So far we are hearing solid classic Detroit-sounding rock songs that make drinking more fun. 🙂

4. Another Punch in the Face: This song is on the right track…It’s about a guy who has a bad day and feels like he got punched in the face again. We like this song, but it might create more mosh pits if they changed the lyrics to “I Want to Punch you in the Face.” This way the character in the song would sound more victorious rather than beat down. Maybe on the next album Artificial Agent will write such a song:) *hinthint* 🙂

5. Psychomotor Agitation: What is this psychomotor agitation they speak of? We are not sure, but it’s fun to say. 🙂

6. Some Things Never Die: This sounds like a good Halloween song to play outside for the tricker treaters with all the talk about dying, creeping and bleeding. 🙂

7. Not For the Innocent: Lock up your daughters! We approve when Artificial Agent aims for the dark side and gets a little aggressive such as in the last two songs! 🙂

Overall, there isn’t anything NOT to like on this album. Great job, maybe next time write that “Punch in the Face” song and add a song about aliens. We still are a big fan of your robot song on “The Valley of the Ashes”!!!

Score=7/7 100%

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