Taking Back Sunday, The Used and Tonight Alive @ The Fillmore (Photos)

By Jacob Giampa

Taking Back Sunday hit The Fillmore in Detroit with The Used and Tonight Alive on their most recent tour. Before TBS played the sold out show,they had a private acoustic show thanks to 89x. At the acoustic show, TBS played a mixture of old and new songs such as “Flicker Flame”and “Faith.” After they finished their set, they gave some lucky fans a chance to get tickets to the sold out show that night.


































































The 89X Nutcracker Tour with Panic! at the Disco and Switchfoot @ The Detroit Fillmore 8-12-13 (Photos & Review)

By Jacob Giampa

It’s that time of year again, that’s right it was 89x’s Nutcracker show last week at The Detroit FIllmore. This year the main acts were Switchfoot and Panic at the Disco. Switchfoot used their set to become closer with the crowd. Their frontman spent most of his time off stage, in the crowd or climbing the walls of the venue. Highlights of their site were the tune “Meant to Love” and Beastie Boy’s “Sabotage.”

Panic! at the Disco just finished touring with Fall Out Boy, but are already back for more. Their top songs were, “I Write Sins not Tragedies” and some of their new songs “Ms Jackson” and “Girls/Girls/Boys.” Brendon Urie is am amazing live singer. During the show he showed the crowd his range by executing some extremely high pitched notes, hardcore screams, and interesting covers of AC/DC and Journey.




































Fat Tour 2013 Less Than Jake and Anti Flag 11/14/13 @ Clutch Cargos

By Jacob Giampa

It’s a sad day when a venue has to close its doors for good. Last Thursday was Clutch Cargo’s last show, and they went out with a bang with the Fat Tour 2013. Headlining the show was Less than Jake and Anti Flag with special guest, Masked Intruders. This punk rock tour will be one to remember.

Masked Intruders has a bright future. They are a fun punk rock band who wear colored ski masks and refer to the band members as the color of mask the are wearing. The group  have a very pop punk sound, and sang mostly about girls. During their song “Heart Shaped Guitar,” the band brought a random girl from the crowd to sing the song with them. Congrats to the girl who put on a great impromptu performance!

I have seen Anti Flag many times in the past few years and they have never disappointed. Thursday was no exception-they were amazing and gave it their all. At the end of the set, Pat Thetic,(the drummer) brought his kit into the crowd and played his drum solo. Seeing a drummer from one of your favorite bands beat on the drums with all his might from just a few feet away, is one of the coolest things I have ever experienced in my days of seeing concerts. I know that any time Anti Flag is in town, you will see me at their show!

Less Than Jake gave Clutch Cargos the goodbye it deserves…A good punk rock show full of moshing, drinking and dancing. Supporting the release of their new album, See the Light, the Pontiac crowd found out that ska is far from dead. It was impossible not to want to dance to all the catchy songs Less Than Jake played. My favorite song of the night was “All My Best Friends Are Metal Heads” I can remember being a kid listening to it, and hearing it live always gets me excited!




















































Hunter Hayes @ The Fox Theatre 11/10/13 (Review, Setlist & Photos)

By Jacob Giampa

Michigan country fans gathered at the Fox Theater in downtown Detroit last Sunday for Hunter Hayes who played to a sold out crowd. The beautiful Ashley Monroe opened for Hunter. Ashley’s voice was lovely, and she certainly made an impact on the audience. . Hunter Hayes opened with”Storm Warning.” He also played many more of his hits-my favorite of them all was, “I Want Crazy.”  Another special moment in the show was when he sang his song ,”Where We Left Off.” He dedicated that song to all the veterans who are serving our country. Hunter Hayes is keeping true country music alive!

  1. Storm Warning
  2. Can’t Say Love
  3. Faith to Fall Back On
  4. Rainy Season
  5. I’m Yours
    (Jason Mraz cover)
  6. Somebody’s Heartbreak
  7. A Thing About You
  8. Love Makes Me
  9. Cry With You
  10. All You Ever
  11. In a Song
  12. If You Told Me To
  13. Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me
  14. On Top of The World
    (Imagine Dragons cover)
  15. More Than I Should
  16. Where We Left Off
  17. Wanted
  18. Light Me Up
  19. Better Than This
  20. Encore:
  21. What You Gonna Do
    (with Ashley Monroe)
  22. I Want Crazy














FREAKY DEAKY HALLOWEEN @ Masonic Temple 10-26-13

By Jacob Giampa

Halloween was celebrated early this year at the Masonic Temple in downtown Detroit last Friday for Griz’s hometown show. Everyone was dressed up for the show which put everybody in the mood for Halloween. Danny Brown was a huge highlight of the show because he knows how to interract with his audience. For Griz’s part of the performance, the crowd was extra crazy. It was obvious he is adored. Griz was dressed as a blues brother. Armed with his saxophone and laptop Griz gave the crowd an extra special Halloween
































Tera Melos @ The Blind Pig 10-24-13

By Jacob Giampa

Last week, Zorch, an alt band with a very spacey sound, opened for Tera Melos. Not too shabby!

Tera Melos is a jazz alternative band who uses many different pedals to create the unique sound that is Tera Melos. My favorite part of the whole show was watching Tera Melos drummer John Clardy. He is one of the hardest hitting and most entertaining drummers to watch! After the show was over I got a chance to meet the band and they were a great group of guys.
















Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco and Twenty One Pilots 9-14-13 @ The Palace of Auburn Hills (Review & Photos)

By Jacob Giampa

Despite going through a four year breakup, Fall Out Boy has returned bigger and better then ever on the Save Rock And Roll tour. The up-and-coming band, Twenty One Pilots started the show off, and then was followed by Panic at the Disco. Twenty One Pilots have been tirelessly touring over the past year, and their experience shows in their great performance. Brendon Urie of PATD is a phenomenal singer , and he even came out and surprised the audience during Fall Out Boy’s set to sing a duet with Patrick Stump. Lastly, Fall Out Boy knows how to keep a show personal, no matter how large the venue. Half way through the set Fall Out Boy made their way into the middle of the crowd on to a small stage to play a few acoustic songs. Fall Out Boy has made  epic return to music!
































Fall Out Boy
















Panic At The Disco























Twenty One Pilots