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Voodoo Experience in New Orleans is One Week from Today! Oct. 28-30 (Preview)

Voodoo Experience is a music festival held every year for the past 12 year in New Orleans. The festival has hosted over 450 artists and over 1 million visitors over the last decade. Voodoo Festival blends national acts with local Louisiana musicians in order to give the festival its distinct New Orleans vibe.

This year’s lineup includes: The Ranconteurs, Soundgarden, Snoop Dogg Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Band of Horses, Steve Angello, Ai Difranco, The Wombats, Civil Twilight, Girl Talk, Mastodon, City and Colour, Kreayshawn, Fatboy Slim, Portugal the Man, TV on the Radio and TV on the Radio. View more here:

This year the festival is also featuring several large-scale art installations placed throughout the park. The Voodoo Experience website states that: “The purpose of the exhibition is to provide another layer in a comprehensive, multi-sensory “experience” that elicits both physical and emotional responses from festival-goers.  The vibrant pieces celebrate experimentation with technology and electronic media along with the nonconventional use of sustainable materials. Another key aim of the various art installations is to emphasize the human element in this large-scale event by providing interactive opportunities for participants to make both their individual and collective presence felt.  In this way, the works express the spirit of performance and audience participation that is the essence of the music festival as a public gathering.” I am really looking forward to checking this out. Here are some pictures of what some of the installations will look like…

Now let’s talk FOOD!!!

Voodoo has done an excellent job at choosing local restaurants and vendors to offer a huge selection of different kinds of food. Here are just some of the selections that sound GREAT: Banana’s Foster Bread Pudding, Chicken and Ssausage Jambalaya, Crawfish Quesedilla, Bacon and Cheese Crepe, and Grilled Alligator sausage on a stick. Yum! Food details can be found HERE.

The festival is a week away and we can hardly wait. I started to put together a giant playlist of Voodoo artists on Spotify so that future attendees and those who can’t attend can preview the music. The playlist is HUGE so I suggest you put it on SHUFFLE. Voodoo Experience Playlist

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  • Dr. Chance

    Holy cow! Looks like an awesome festival, alligator-delicacies aside. Can’t wait to hear about the experiences and see what catches your fancy. Haven’t been to N.O. in years, but now you have me wanting to go again. Have fun!

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