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Hell Yeah Grocery Delivery!

I started getting my groceries delivered due to my love of milk. I prefer to drink skim milk, but I often found myself buying 2% because the gas station down the street only has 2%. I also get annoyed when I come home to an empty fridge and I’m too tired to go grocery shopping. Oberweis had advertized their milk delivery service so I was quick to sign up. Soon after that, I tried Michigan Door to Door Organics. If you are the busy type and find yourself eating out too much, these services can save you a lot of time and money. If you’re in the Michigan area, check them out! If you live out of state, then do a google search and see which services are around you.

Here are my top fave things from Oberweis to order: (Available many many places!)

1. Milk of course!

2. Chocolate Peanut  Butter Ice Cream

3. Oberweis Sausage

4. Individual chicken breasts good for putting into salad

5. Cheesecake

Here are my top 5 things to order from Door to Door Organics (Available in Michigan, Colorado, Kansas City, Chicago and out East)

1. The Bitty: The bitty is the smallest size available box of organic veggies and fruits that can be delivered at whatever frequency you desire. This week I got all these items for $23:

(2) Sweet Corn
(1) Sweet Yellow Onion
(1) Green Onions bunch
(1 pint) Grape Tomatoes
(1) Avocado
(3) Yellow Nectarines
(3) Kiwi Fruit
(3) Flavorosa Pluots
(1) Avocado

2.. Carozzi Bufali Campana Mozzarela

3. Meat-They have a great selection

4. Zingerman’s Bread

5. Chocolate Raspberries in Dark Chocolate Candy Bar

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