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My Morning Jacket @ Meadow Brook Music Festival 8/14/12 (Photos & Setlist)

Members: Jim James, Tom Blankenship, Patrick Hallahan, Bo Koster, Carl Broemel

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The Way That He Sings
(Rollin’ Back Intro)
  • Circuital
  • Evil Urges
  • What A Wonderful Man
  • Anytime
  • Easy Morning Rebel
  • I Think I’m Going to Hell
  • Librarian
  • Golden
  • It Beats 4 U
  • Smokin From Shootin
  • Holdin On To Black Metal
  • Outta My System
  • Wordless Chorus
  • Highly Suspicious
  • Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt. 2
  • Run Thru
  • Mahgeetah
  • Steam Engine
  • Isn’t It A Pity
    (George Harrison cover) (with Ben Bridwell)
  • Victory Dance
  • Phone Went West
  • One Big Holiday

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