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Incubus HQ Live Album Review and First Impressions (Score 98%)

This live cd was recorded in a storefront space that was renovated into a high-tech arty performance space.  For six nights, Incubus performed the tracks that makes up this album for their most loyal fans. This year Incubus celebrates their 20th anniversary as a band. This Wednesday they will be performing at The Palace of Auburn Hills, MI with Linkin Park. Below you’ll find our review of  the”HQ Live” album. Overall we rated this album so highly because we are a fan of their instrumentation and meanings found in their music. We also got to preview their live DVD that shows a visually-appealing Brandon Boyd and his band recording HQ Live.

Also, in case you missed it-we had a chance to sit in on a group interview with Brandon Boyd this past month and were impressed with his poise, intelligence, and ability to communicate his ideas.


Brandon Boyd
Mike Einziger
Jose Pasillas
Chris Kilmore
Ben Kenney



1. Intro-Good lead into first song…

2. Nice To Know You-Refreshingly raw, classic song with a great beginning

3. Circles-Stellar live version, another good intro. Interesting instrumentation-dig the flute. Incubus knows how to grab your attention by starting out w a great intro and holding the intensity. Good reminder to not be a jerk ‘cuz karma will get you. (PS Brandon-Don’t chew gum on stage!: Alcohol is ok tho.)

4. Wish You Were Here-A solid classic

5. 11am-Hardcore fans will enjoy the chat time at the beginning of this track. Great lyrics.

6. Are You In?/Riders On The Storm-“Adaptive thing”-Entertaining blend. Dig the scratchin’. Sultry:)

7. Aqueous Transmission-Exciting to hear the pipa played in the live version. Smooth blend of styles. Chill/artistic/existential? Thought provoking!

8. Privilege- Good message and yet another stellar start.

9. The Warmth-Good song for when you’re down.

10. Stellar-A classic! Can’t go wrong with this song

11. Make Yourself-fast-paced fun. The best lyrics. Words to live by.

12. Drive-Our fave on this CD.

13. I Miss You-Lovely and simple

14. Crowded Elevator-Solid. What’s the secret? We want to know.


1. Megalomaniac-Rockrockrocks!

2. Just A Phase-Interesting instrumentation and sound effects. Melodic song about a phase. Wonder what?

3. Sick Sad Little World-Best part of this is how the guitars and drums interract. Who is he talking about?

4. Anna Molly-good lyrics. The part where he sings “Anna-Molly” sounds like “lonely, lonely, looonely.” Drum parts makes me want to bang on things.

5. Pantomine-Fave track on disk two!

6. Promises, Promises-“This song is not about boogers.” HA!  Melodic song about a girl…

7. In The Company of Wolves-Amazing track with poignant lyrics. 4:11 and beyond sounds kinda sexy.

8. Love Hurts-Solid and smooth

9. Switchblade-More-rap like but not feeling the word switchblade 🙁

10. Pardon Me-A classic!

11. If Not Now, When?-Grew on me…

12. The Original-Who wouldn’t want someone to write a song like this about them?

13. Adolescents-Good overall mid-tempo sound blend.

14. Tomorrow’s Food-Melancholy ending perhaps not meaning to be, but it works.



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