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Amy Gore and her Valentines, Dutch Pink, Ricky Rat, and Factory Girls 3/3/2012 NSFW! (Photos)

Warning! Warning! Don’t scroll down if you’re at work or afraid of naked people!

Amy Gore and Her Valentines

Members: Amy Gore, Leann Banks, Joe Leone and Jackson Smith

Dutch Pink

Dustin Charles Leslie- Guitar, Vox, Piano, Organ
Clyde- Bass
Jelly Roll Joel McCune- Guitar
Kevin Tuczek- Drums
Aja Sardis- Vocals
Serene Arena-Vocals

Ricky Rat

Ricky Rat-vocals & guitar
Derek murtagh-gutar & vocals
Brian McCarty-bass & vocals
Troy Toma-Drums & vocals

Factory Girls

First Shift:
Mike Anton
Eugene Strobe
Brandon Frye
Scottie Stone
Kyle McBee



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