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Hole in the Wall: Steve’s Bar Revisited Detroit, MI

We go to shows at St. Andrew’s in Detroit a lot. Door times can be unpredictable so a lot of time is spent at Steve’s Bar because it’s next to St. Andrew’s. The place has a type of old-world charm that is uniquely its own. Three things make this place interesting:

1. The Owners

2. The Decor

3. Travelin’ Blues

Sophia and Steve Francis have owned and opearated Steve’s Bar for about 41 years. These sites have some great background on their story:

It’s obvious that this bar is a beloved place of Detroit and helps to give our city its own aura. Steve’s warm, gentle and captivating manner helps me to prepare to shoot a show because he’s always full of compliments and a free shot or two. Travelin’ Blues sings his own style of blues that makes you wonder about his life history. The decor is a hodge podge of fun nic nacks. The combination of these things makes Steve’s Bar irresistible!

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