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Kid Rock Goes All Out for Orlando Calling Festival 11/13/11(Photos & Review)

The taxi drivers of Orlando informed us that Kid Rock rented out the famous Florida strip joint “The Dollhouse” for some pre-performance debauchery the night he got into town. While this is purely speculation, let’s hope he squeezed in some deserved downtime in Orlando because his spectacular Sunday performance called for it.

For a Detroiter, it’s uncanny to travel down South and see hordes of Southerners rockin’ “Made in Detroit” gear. Kid Rock has a special relationship with his Michigan fans due to his loyalty and continuous nationwide broadcasting of his love for Detroit. Kid Rock is also quite vocal about his love for our country which is one of many reasons why fans all over the USA adore him. Kid Rock owned the audience at Orlando Calling. Sunday night Kid Rock and the Twisted Brown Trucker band transitioned seamlessly between different genres of music. Their versatility kept the audience on their toes.

Midway through the concert Kid Rock informed the crowd that he had turned 40 this year. In celebration, Kid Rock performed a funny song that contained lines such as, “I guess I’m fucking 40 but Bruce Springsteen is 62 and The Stones are almost dead.” Beavis and Butthead also made an appearance to comment on the music of Kid Rock. The extra creative details made Kid Rock’s show one of the top 3 highlights of the festival. The finale showcased a talented choir from Detroit and a brilliant fireworks display that lit up the stage to show all performerson stage having an amazing time.


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