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WTF? Would you Go to a Toilet Restaurant?

There is a toilet-themed restaurant based in Taiwan with several other locations throughout Asia. Owner Wang Zi-Wei says that his inspiration for “Modern Toilet” came from a Japanese cartoon Dr. Stump who loved to “play with poop and swirl it on a stick.” Customers dine on acrylic toilets prettily decorated with designs like roses and seashells. Mealsals are served in miniature toilet bowls, and drinks are served out of urinals that can be taken home as souvenirs.

Their website asks visitors if they want to “GO PEE-PEE OR GO Poo-Poo” and lists entrees such as “green dysentery,” “bloody poop” and “diarrhea with dried droppings.”

Asians are known to be more relaxed about bodily functions such as burping, farting, and going to the bathroom. Could such a trend catch on in the US? I would go, would you?




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