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Honda Civic Tour 2012: Incubus @ Palace of Auburn Hills 8/21/12 (Photos, Review & Setlist)

By Alexis Simpson

We were especially psyched to see Incubus perform after getting the chance to participate in a group interview with Brandon Boyd and Chester Bennington and reviewing Incubus’ new HQ Live album. Incubus has their fair share of “popular” songs that fair weather fans will appreciate live, but their less radio-friendly music needs to be listened to multiple times in order to better appreciate their psychedelic instrumentation and thoughtful lyrics. Incubus’ set reached a high point Tuesday night with the songs “Anna Molly” and the fun mashup of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” and Incubus’ “Made for TV Movie.” The stage show featured a small video camera that rotated giant images of each performer which was a clever way of showcasing each of the band members and adding to the visual appeal of the performance on the Palace’s grandiose stage. Brandon Boyd’s taut physique, Jesus hair and ethereal aura make him a formidable frontmen. Incubus has been around for 20 years now and their Detroit performance served as a reminder as to why they are so highly respected.

Brandon Boyd
Mike Einziger
Jose Pasillas
Chris Kilmore
Ben Kenney



  1. Adolescents
  2. Nice to Know You
  3. The Warmth
  4. Megalomaniac
  5. Wish You Were Here
  6. If Not Now, When?
  7. Made For TV Movie
    (with snippet of Hello by Lionel Ritchie)
  8. Anna Molly
  9. Smile Lines
  10. Promises, Promises
  11. Drive
  12. Switchblade
  13. In the Company of Wolves
  14. Pardon Me
  15. Sick Sad Little World
  16. Aqueous Transmission


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