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The Raconteurs at Voodoo Fest in New Orleans (Photos, Setlist & Concert Review)

Members: Jack White, Jack Lawrence,Brendan Benson, Patrick Keeler

Voodoo Fest was wise to have The Raconteurs close out the main stage, because their performance was the best of the weekend. During the show, Jack White remarked that he had been in Detroit the day before and that his hometown, New Orleans, and Memphis all had the same kind of vibe. After “Rich Kid Blues” Jack silenced the crowd with a dark, dirty, ever-so-slow guitar solo preceding “Blue Veins” that showed the mesmerized crowd that he was indeed a true original. During his solo, his head tilted slightly and a small smile crept across his face as if he was thinking to himself, “Yeah, this is exactly how I wanted this to sound.” It was a spectacular moment. Brendan Benson was another standout of the night because his voice sounded especially strong and earnest. Benson was dressed to the nines in colorful velvet. It’s always a treat to watch Brendan and Jack interact because their long-term friendship brings warmth to their stage show.

Music fans who haven’t visited (Jack’s label) need to head over there and check out the vast amount of musical projects Jack in involved with. The Third Man Records Store has an amazing selection of vinyl from the growing list of artists that Third Man Records is working with such as Black Milk, the Black Belles, and JEFF the Brotherhood.

Consoler of the Lonely
Old Enough
Top Yourself
You Don’t Understand Me
Many Shades of Black
The Switch and the Spur
Intimate Secretary
Broken Boy Soldier
Rich Kid Blues (Terry Reid cover)
Blue Veins
Salute Your Solution
Steady, As She Goes
Carolina Drama

Stage Setup and Soundcheck

For the hardcore La Raconteurs fans: Here are some pictures from MI Fest on September 17th in Brooklyn, MI.


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