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The Pretty Reckless @ Royal Oak Music Theatre 10/24/11 (Photos and Review)

Taylor Momsen – Vocals
Ben Phillips – Guitar
Mark Damon – Bass
Jamie Perkins – Drums


I bet when Taylor Momsen’s friends want to tease her, they call her by the nickname of her Gossip Girl character, “Little J.” There ain’t nothing “little” about frontwoman Taylor Momsen-she is all woman. Even though she’s only 18 years old, Taylor knows exactly what she wants and gets it. Years ago Ms. Momsen admirably recognized that she wanted to front a band and play her kind of music. Momsen’s ability to pursue and recognize her passions at a young age is of great respect.

Taylor’s choice of covering The White Stripes “Seven Army Nation” was very fitting considering The White Stripes was the first band she ever saw in concert. Momsen’s throaty voice and serpentine movements commanded the audience’s attention as the crowd discovered that not only is she uncommonly captivating, but also highly accomplished. She is supported by a group of experienced musicians who helped to show Detroit what The Pretty Reckless is all about. Loved it!



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