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Every Avenue @ St. Andrew’s 10/23/11 (Photos and Review)

David Ryan Strauchman – Vocals, Piano
Joshua Withenshaw – Guitar, Backup Vocals
Jimmie Deeghan- Guitar, Backup Vocals
Matt Black – Bass, Backup Vocals
Dennis Wilson – Drums

Hometown-Marysville, MI!

Michigan band Every Avenue is a musically strong group that produces contagious songs. Sunday night in Detroit the band meshed well together and performed with a zest that is customary of their live shows. Frontman Dave delivered his lyrics in a believable way because he sang with emotion and a relevant degree of earnestness. Their homecoming was well worth the wait. Every Avenue is another example of the the large pool of musicians that Michigan is proud to call their own.

  2. Tie Me Down
  3. A Story to Tell your Friends
  4. Where Were You
  5. For Always, Forever
  6. Whatever Happened to You
  7. Only Place I Call Home
  8. No One But You
  9. Picture Perfect
  10. Fall Apart
  11. Tell Me I’m a Wreck




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