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For Nature Lovers, Teachers, and Students: The Hanover, PA Bald Eagle Webcam Hatch Watch

By Alexis Simpson

UPDATE: BOTH baby eagle chicks hatched! Make sure to click on the live feed below to see them:)

A few weeks ago I stumbled across the Facebook group, “The Hanover Eagle Watch,” and I’ve been fascinated by it ever since. The Pennsylvania Game Commission, HDOnTapComcast BusinessFriends of Codorus State Park and several other partners have been involved in setting up a webcam high up in the trees of Pennsylvania. The cam is documenting the progress of two Bald Eagles taking turns sitting on two eggs in order for the eggs to hatch. One egg is estimated to hatch today, and the second egg is due to hatch in a few days. Through rain, sleet, snow and snow, these birds take turns keeping the eggs warm until their offspring can crack open those eggs! Seeing nature in action is beautiful, and it’s very rare to have such a close look at the hatching process of such magnificent birds.

The Hanover Eagle Facebook page can be found here:

The live stream feed for the eagle’s nest is here:


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