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Datsik wsg Protohype and Heroes X Villains @ Royal Oak Music Theatre 11-15-13 (Review & Photos)

By Cristina Vitello

Packing an extra 100,000 watts of sound and a sold out crowd into the Royal Oak Music Theatre, Datsik shook the plaster loose from the ceiling and made the earth rumble with the most bass heavy concert the venue has ever hosted. Along side Datsik, Firepower Records artists Protohype and Heroes X Villains started off the night before the Vortex struck down center stage for the Rockstar Energy sponsored ‘Most Wanted’ tour.

Like the White Rabbit’s rabbit hole, the Vortex was revealed, sucking the audience into a genre-bending, transcendent adventure of hypnotizing light and sound. Datsik took his place among the decks proving once again how he’s climbed his way to becoming a household name associated with the dubstep music scene. In a genre known for pushing boundaries, the collaborations produced Friday left fans in a suspended state of disbelief.

How mind-blowing the night was to become was recognized the moment the doors were opened. Barely legal girls dressed in boy shorts and pushup bras giddily stepped into line to enter the concert, a popular sight trending at EDM concerts and festivals. At the security checkpoint guards ran their fingers through the hair of patrons and checked pockets in search of Molly and some of her other illicit friends. Some seemed annoyed by the process, but most of the young crowd was too excited to care. This excitement overflowed onto the main floor where throngs of teens and twenty-somethings crammed together to get the best view of the stage.

The conductor of our journey, Datsik, played a dark aggressive mix of music. At times donning a gas mask and holding his head in turmoil to mimic the daunting nature of his songs. Laying down a bass so deep bones rattled,  the crowd put on their best rage faces and found their flow against a background of colors and moving patterns. From glowing finger tips to toroflux toys, fans danced until some of them hit the floor.

But music was only part of the experience that night. Despite having three artists listed in the lineup, an unknown fourth master of orchestration was among us. Playing a completely different type of deck and hidden from the eyes of many, the sound engineer for the Datsik set truly helped create what can easily be called one of the most mesmerizing live light displays ever seen. Taking his cues from Datsik’s sounds, this mysterious no-name audio engineer matched up the audio and lighting perfectly, adding an entirely new dimension to groove to. Without this man’s hard work, it’s possible to say Datsik’s show wouldn’t have been nearly as engaging.

Datsik will round out his North American tour at the end of November before joining Flux  Pavillion in England, November 29th.








































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