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Sara’s Dating Profile of the Week

By Sara

Online dating sites are a trip. If you are interested in this guy’s genitalia, please inquire within and we will hook it up.

photo (18)

Excerpt from his profile:

Sex is the reason we were created. You might as well start practicing. I have a functional pair of genitals. I seek a female with a functional internal genitalia  Consent is another thing I am specifically looking for. Standards are optional. My standards are you must have no diseases, no open relationship, and no heavy drug users. I am a pleasant person that knows how to communication my feelings to a woman. I have nice pectoral muscles from working out and I drive bumblebee. We can meet then reunite again to spend more quality time together. I would make an exceptional sexual partner. If we like each other, you will get laid. After that, you will get laid again. The people of Earth get laid about 120 million times per day. I am looking to do it responsibly.


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