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AWOLNATION @ St. Andrew’s Hall 9/18/2012 (Photos & Review)

By Jacob Giampa

Last Tuesday AWOLNATION made a stop in Detroit for their “Never Let Your Fear Decide your Fate” tour. More than half of their shows (including their Detroit show) have sold out due to how well the band performs together and the originality of their music. Imagine Dragons and Zeale are a part of this tour as well.

Zeale was the first band of the night, they are a new Hip-Hop and Indie group from Austin, Texas. Since the group was in Detroit, the home of so many great MC’s, Zeale performed an entertaining freestyle rap using the audience-chosen words “orange,” “boat,” and “sexy.” The audience loved it, and the night was off to a great start.

Imagine Dragons is a group on the rise. Despite the lead singer being sick with a bad cold, Imagine Dragons’ music and gumption left a positive impression on us.

AWOLNATION’S avant garde stageshow is very interesting because of the eccentricities of frontman Aaron Bruno. One of the highlights of watching their show is viewing the obvious joy Bruno has when performing because he always has the biggest smile when starting a song! His quirky dance moves are a trip too. This was one of the best shows I’ve seen yet this year and the catchiness of their songs is undeniable.






ZEALE – Vocals

Dj Rockwell

Gibran Nassif – Drums




Imagine Dragons

Dan Reynolds -vocals

D. Wayne Sermon – Guitar

Daniel “Z” Platzman – Drums

Ben McKee – Bass





Aaron Bruno – vocals
Drew Stewart – lead guitar
Kenny Carkeet – rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
David Amezcua – bass guitar, backing vocals
Hayden Scott – drums


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