The Deadmeat Tour: Steve Aoki and Datsik 2-25-11 (Review and Photos)

After the Detroit leg of The Deadmeat Tour, I overheard one fan say that she wished Aoki and Datsik owned a Detroit club and held such a party every week. We agree! Saturday night was a high-energy, super-hype event. We walked in just in time to hear the second special guest, Mustard Pimp.  Mustard Pimp was a pleasant surprise and well-worth checking out. The group is signed to Aoki’s label, Dim Mak Records.

Datsik was up next. The British Columbia, Canadian has had a huge year. Ironically, we had just covered the Korn show at the same venue two days earlier, and Datsik had helped Korn with their new 2011 album. Datsik has a reserved charm on stage, knows how to make the room bounce, and the ladies love him. Flawless!

Lastly, Steve Aoki is a star-the hippest of the hip. There’s just something about that guy that makes a crowd go insane. He’s a charismatic figure who has his finger on the pulse of what gets the people going. His Dim Mak label is growing at a fast pace, and developing quite a list of respectable artists. Furthermore, we appreciate his emphasis on nightlife and concert photography. Aoki usually has at least one tour photographer capturing all the fun. We got to shoot with notorious NY party photog Kiril. Very cool! The Deadmeat Tour is not to be missed.