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Album Review: Fun. “Some Nights” 2-21-12 (Score 100%)

By Alexis Simpson

Genre: Rock

Members: Nate Ruess
Jack Antonoff
Andrew Dost

Fun. has grown immensely in popularity due to a heavy touring schedule, word of mouth, and Glee’s cover of “We are Young.” They remind us a lot of the voice of Mika with the theatricalness of Queen. The album is a hodgepodge of different styles smoothly blended together. We loved the drum and percussion sections.”Some Nights” is an exceptional album not without risks. The musicianship, personal and sometimes sad lyrics entwined with the general theme of overcoming obstacles make this album shine.

1. Some Nights-Intro: Intro? Sounds like it could stand on its own. We like how he says “Fuck” and the opera wails. Reminds me of how funny it sounds when a band like Ion & Wine curses.

2. Some Nights: African drum vibe, the vibe of the song would make you think it’s a Happy Happy Fight Fight song but the personal and deep lyrics reesemble rambling thoughts or a prayer spoken before sleeping. Great sound.

3. We Are Young-feat. Janelle Monáe: Uplifting, Great Singalong song, Brilliant! This song will be EVERYWHERE. It practically is already.

4. Carry On: Lyrical Stress Relief

5. It Gets Better: Electronic Synth that reminds us of an 80’s Workout song. Song gets more interesting half way through. Out least fave song of the track but chorus is catchy.

6. Why Am i the One: Pleasant, Strong Intro

7. All Alone: Fun Electronic Harpsichord melody

8. All Alright: Good Rhythm, Strategically Paced, Repetitive lyrics but it works

9. One Foot: Spirited, More personal lyrics, more religious references

10. Stars: Entwines his troubled relationship with a woman with the loss of his Mother. Highly relatable for those dealing with loss

Well, Some nights I rule the world
With bar lights and pretty girls
But most nights I stay straight
And think about my mom, Oh God
I miss her so much

Out on the Town-Bonus Track: Indeed a bonus!

We Are Young-feat. Janelle Monáe (Acoustic): Interesting reprise. Janelle sounds amazing. Beautiful!

Score: 10/11=100%

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