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Justin Bieber’s hype sure to create non-“Beliebers”

By Dave Palmer The 20 year old pop star Justin Bieber has certainly been the center of media attention in the past few months. So far, he has been the target of scrutiny for peeing in a mop bucket at a restaurant, writing that he hoped that Anne Frank would be a “Belieber” if she […]

Bieber, teachers, and scalpers, oh my!

By Dave Palmer This past week was rife with so many juicy news stories that it was hard to pick just one to highlight. Therefore, I’ve decided to present three stories along with a brief analysis of them. 1. Two Northville High School special education teachers suspended over high-stakes testing: A report on WDIV’s morning […]

Justin Bieber perpetuates the trend of sagging pants (Society’s Slideshow)

Within the last 30 years, it used to be an embarrassment to have someone see your underwear.  Recently Teen idol Justin Bieber proved that is no longer the case. He was photographed at the 15th annual Wango Tango Festival wearing his jeans at an all-time low, exposing his underwear and what looks suspiciously like a wedgie. […]

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