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Instagram Randomness: Catching up to 2015 (iPhone Photos)

By Alexis Simpson #bandotrappin Nice Warehouse Our Mascot Our Wedding Cake Elvis Lives in Clawson, MI Catholic Art Published Again in The Wall Street Journal Yay! Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips Janis Joplin Stamps Sketch Johnny Noodle Detroit Dance Dance Dance Dance Halo Gold Cash Gold (Barf) Columbus, OH Alexis Rd. Free E and […]

Instagram Randomness: Up North + (Photos)

By Alexis SImpson Tiki Frog Bar in Houghton Lake, MI Abandoned Teddy Bear in Flint, MI Incredible Art by Austin Brady at the Redbull House of Art Hello from Sara Bird John Lennon Sketch in Northern Michigan Street Art in Detroit Pray for Saginaw

Instagram Randomness: Street Art & a Cat (Photos)

By Alexis Simpson I

Instagram Randomness: New Orleans +

By Alexis Simpson iPhone Photos Techno Rose #artbytai Block for Sale Charred Heidelberg Project Pontiac is for Lovers Tomb New Orleans New Orleans Art Voodoo Fest

6 Instagram Accounts to Follow.

By Alexis Simpson Instagram is by far my favorite social media outlet. For those of you looking for users worth following, these are my top six recommendations: 1. CRIMEINTHED Let’s face it, Detroit isn’t just about hipsters, BBQ, and bicycling-it’s also about car jacking, murder, and armed robbery etc. To stay up with the latest happenings in […]

Instagram Randomness: Dead Fish & Pink Panties (Photos)

By Alexis Simpson All photos posted here are taken with my iPhone 5 and have been posted on Instagram (Noizenews) at some point. TROUT FOR SALE INCREDIBLE MAC ‘N CHEESE FROM THE FOOD TRUCK BIRD PURSE PINK PANTY DEAD FISH RED HOUSE MINIATURE SHOES WITH PET ROCK AT A COFFEE SHOP SEXY DOG DAD’S […]

Instagram Randomness 10/1/12

All photos posted here are taken with my iPhone 5 and have been posted on Instagram (Noizenews) at some point. Good photographs don’t have to be taken with a fancy camera in order to be relevant or entertaining. This series serves as a reminder of the importance and fun of photography as a tool for […]

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