An Interview with Black Milk

Detroit native Black Milk lives for music. As a producer and an emcee he has worked with such names as:  J Dilla, Lloyd Banks, Jack White, Canibus, Pharoahe Monch, Royce da 5’9″, Danny Brown, Slum Village’s Elzi and Bisthop Lamont. His previous albums and most recent endeavor, Album of the Year, have allowed him to tour extensively around  the globe. Black Milk will be performing live on the Third Man Records stage at MI Fest ’11 in Brooklyn, MI on September 17th. Noize was thrilled to have the opportunity to ask Black a few questions in preparation for Mi Fest

What are you listening to now?

The Brown EP I did with Danny Brown, and the Fuzz, Freqs, & Colors instrumental series I’ve been working on.

How has your sound and style changed over time?

Sonically it gets better with every project. My engineering skills get better and better over time, and that helps a lot when it comes to producing. Half the battle in producing is working to make certain sounds sound a certain way, and it can change the dynamics and the feel.  That just opens your brain to how far you can take the music, and I’m getting better with that.

Are fans the same everywhere or does it vary according to the city you are in? How do you keep your energy up when touring?

No. The fans are not the same everywhere. Some cities have more energy than others. In certain cities, I get treated like I’m damn near a superstar. In other cities, people might not be familiar so I need to just put on a great show and work harder to win the crowd over.

With regards to how I keep my energy up on the road, I don’t. You’re tired most of the time, so you just try to get as much sleep as you can, every chance you get.

What was it like working with Jack White in Nashville?

It was great.  It was a crazy feeling to be in the presence of an artist that’s accomplished so much in his career.  For him to want to work with me was an honor.  It was also cool to collab with another artist that similar old school standards to recording as I do. I feel like we’re kind of on the same page with the way we record.

Who are your biggest supporters? 

The people that buy my albums and come to the shows: those are the people that allow me the opportunity to live off of just doing music.

Other than music, what hobbies and interests do you have?

Nothing really. It’s hard for me to focus on anything other than music.

One of the perks of your job is that you get to travel A LOT.  Where haven’t you been that you would like to go?

I’m still trying to get to Africa, and I look forward to performing in Japan. Brazil, too.

Do you have a vision for your next album and next stage of your career?

The sound isn’t really fully developed in my head for the next album. As far as the next stage, I’m enjoying being even more hands-on with the business side, and just being in more control of everything creatively–just developing everything independently.

Detroit Questions…

Fave Restaurant?

Thai Cuisine and Pita Cafe

Fave Hangout Spot?

My living room.

Fave Venue to Play at? St. Andrews Hall. They got everything. History. Sound. Whatever.

Great Answers. Thanks so much for your time! See you at MI Fest!


An Interview with Ty Stone

Ty Stone has been described as “a powerhouse singer in an unprettified package.” This Detroit native has been earning lots of fans due to his raw talent, lyrics that hit home, and likeable personality. Music has always been a big part of Ty Stone’s life, but it took a little help from Kid Rock to take it to a whole new level. A good friend of Ty’s was able to slip Kid Rock a demo during a Piston’s game, and not long after, Ty found himself hanging with Kid Rock, touring, and putting out a new album on Top Dog/Atlantic Records. Ty’s story inspires, and he deserves his success. See him perform live on September 17th at Mi Fest ’11 in Brooklyn, MI. Noize got the chance to ask Ty a few questions and learn more about him…


Photo Credit: Lisa Carpenter

When you are looking for new music to listen to, how do you go about finding it? What have you been listening to lately?

Honestly I get turned on to most of my new music from friends whose opinion I trust. My boy Doop will send me YouTube Links more of the time. Lately I’ve been listening to all the good things on Country Radio. Just trying to keep up with the Hatfields.

I love the story about how your friend, Sam Wood, helped to introduce you to Kid Rock by slipping him a CD at a Piston’s game. When Sam first told you that he did this, did you think anything would come of it? How did you react when Sam told you what he had accomplished at the game?

It’s funny.  I never thought anything would come of it.  I was excited that an idol of mine became aware that I existed, but I never expected to hear anything from that.  When I found out it he was interested in working with me, I almost died.  I’ll never forget that morning as long as I live.

What was it like to perform at a place as big as Ford Field?

Pretty much totally incredible.  It’s the true Rockstar dream experience in your hometown.  Experiences like that are what drive you to continue to work and fight regardless of the obstacles.

What’s your favorite venue to play at in Michigan so far?

Love to play the Park Bar downtown, and I really enjoyed playing Comerica, Ford Field, Pine Knob, The Palace and Joe Louis Arena.  Also enjoy the State Theatre.  Still hoping to play the FOX.

Do you have a favorite song to perform? 

I like to sing Blessed St Anthony.  It’s like throwing a Sucker Punch, and it’s always good when one of those connects.  😉

What’s your favorite Kid Rock song?

Jackson, Mississippi. That’s a truly Badass song

I read that you’re a fan of Adam Duritz and would like to work with him. Have you had any luck getting ahold of him? Any interesting collaborations in the works?

Still haven’t had any luck alerting him to my existence, but I’ll keep trying if you guys do too!  😉  I wanna work with Blake Shelton now. I’m about ready to go on the Voice.

OK, I will! Congrats, the Voice is a great show. Who are your biggest supporters?

My fans, my fiance Val, My Mom Dad and Sister, Tonya…My team, Ken Madson, Sam Wood and Don Duprie and of course Kid Rock.

Congratulations on your engagement. Planning a wedding is hard work. Can you share any of the details with us such as whether you are going to have a small or large wedding?

We’re just starting to plan things and we’re going to keep it under wraps I’m afraid…  Top Secret stuff!

I also read that you like to travel. What are some of the favorite place you have been? Where would you like to go?

I’ve been all over Europe.  That is something that every American should do.  it really changes your outlook on a lot of things.  I’d really like to go to Hawaii and Alaska someday.  I gotta book some shows up there.

How’s it feel to have a new album out? I bet you are beyond excited about it! Where can we get it?

You can get it right now on  I’m always excited for people to get ahold of my music and share it with their friends.  It’s the joy in my life!

Thanks for your time Ty. See you at MI Fest!

Artist Spotlight: ANR

September 13 marks the day ANR releases the Deluxe Edition of Stay Kids. ANR is A psychedelic synth-pop duo that met while studying in Miami. The group has played with bands such as Animal Collective, Neon Indian, and No Age, but has spent much of this year headlining their own tour in both the U.S. and the U.K. Noize will be in attendance at their show on September 5th at Detroit’s Lager House.

Their music has drawn comparisons to such groups as MGMT, Passion Pit, Coldplay and even the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Recent Press Accolades:

“…utterly awesome, how have I never heard of this before?”
Sean Adams, Drowned In Sound

“fully formed and totally enjoyable”

“A marvel of melodic majesty, file next to Jamie Lidell, MGMT”
The Guardian

“One of the newest exponents of this growing tropical bohemia”
New York Times

“post apocalyptic Disney sondtrack music”

“the driving beats of TV On The Radio blended with the psychedelic sweetness of Passion Pit”
MTV Buzzworthy Band

“One of the songs of the year”
The Line Of Best Fit

“laptop-laced mix of guitar rock, crunked party beats, Hot Chip but….soaring stadium rock”

The Music Slut

“wild and energetic disco whirlwind rock”
Pasta Primavera

ANR Website

ANR Twitter

Noize’s Other Fave ANR tracks off of Stay Kids
ANR ‘A Year Of Solitude Pays Off’ by Fred Hystere

ANR – It’s Around You 7″ by 10Kislands

ANR – The Endless Field Of Mercury by 10Kislands

Artist Spotlight: Insane Clown Posse: Winner of Detroit Music Award’s Distinguished Artist award 4/15/2011

Hate them or love them, these guys deserve respect. Insane Clown Posse won the Distinguished Artist award at this year’s Detroit Music Awards because they have been performing and creating new music for over two decades. This year has been a huge year for them after garnering respect in the Detroit music community evidenced by their top honor award at the Detroit Music Awards. During the duo’s award acceptance speech at the Detroit Music Awards, it was evident that Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope still have an intense passion and love for what they do. They are also planning their yearly “Gathering of the Juggalos” event which is looking to be their biggest yet with a lineup of: Twiztid, Charlie Sheen, George Clinton, Xzibit, Ice Cube, Lil Jon’, Busta Rhymes, MC Hammer, DJ Quik, and many more.