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Album Review: Steve Aoki “Wonderland” 1/10/12 (Score 81%)

I adore Steve Aoki. I got the chance to see him live this summer at the Identity Fest and loved his presence. He’s a star-the hippest of the hip. I also am a fan of several of his well-known tracks such as: “Misfits” “Wake Up Call” and “New Noise.” I’m excited to see him finally release a full-length album. Other than a few songs that failed, it’s an interesting album in the genre I like to refer to as pop-techno. His music is so damn likable and catchy, even if it’s a ‘lil heavy on the dubstep.

01. Steve Jobs (feat. Angerr Dimas)-Love the build-up! Bouncy. Video-gameISH. Aoki’s unique tribute to Jobs. Clever.

02. 05. Emergency (Feat. Lil Jon & Chiddy Bang)-Lil Jon is played out. Yuck. Chiddy Bang almost saves the track but not quite. 🙁

03. Earthquakey People (The Sequel) (Feat. Rivers Cuomo)-Better version than #10 thanks to Aoki.

04. Ladi Dadi (Feat. Wynter Gordon)-Typical Female vocal techno track. Boring 🙁

05. Control Freak (Feat. Blaqstarr & Kay)-Not bad. Passable.

06. Ooh (Feat. Rob Roy)-Sassy fun.

07. No Beef (Original Mix) (feat. Polina Goudieva)-Passable.

08. Come With me (Deadmeat) [feat. Polina Goudieva]-Typical Female vocal techno tack. Boring 🙁

09. Heartbreaker (Feat. Lovefoxxx) Smooth. “Dripping Dripping Dripping”

10. Earthquakey People 9feat Rivers Cuomo) Love Rivers Cuomo, do not love this song, 🙁

11. Livin My Love (Feat. LMFAO & NERVO)Yah Shake it!

12. Dangerous (Feat. Zuper Blahq) Fun lyrics!

13. Cudi The Kid (Feat. Kid Cudi & Travis Barker) Sweet Collab-o!

14. The Kids Will Have Their Say (Feat. Sick Boy With Former-Love! Fave track! We love when Aoki mixes techno with heavier screamo stuff.

15. Turbulence (Radio Edit) (feat. Lil John) [Bonus Track]-This is one of his older tracks but glad it was added so everyone can hear it. Smart move.

16. Misfits (feat Steve Aoki) {Bonus Track] Another one of his older tracks that I adore. At Identity, Aoki left his tables to perform this song. Ahh memories!


Check out the pics of Steve Aoki and the Identity Festival here:


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