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Zakk Gallows, Cheerleader, Boom Swagger Boom and Rickett Pass @ Corktown Tavern 11/30/11 (Review)

Team Bacon Productions put together a solid show at Detroit’s Corktown Tavern this past Wednesday, November 30th despite The Goddamn Gallows canceling. The Goddamn Gallows’ guitarist Mikey Classic had stretched his tendons and nerves in his left hand. Since they tour almost two hundred shows a year, this was definitely understandable. They’ll be back this March with Reverend Horton Heat, so the extra wait will be worth it. Unfortunately, the potential crowd size was cut down significantly, which was a shame because people missed a good show.

Zakk Gallows
Boom Swagger Boom
Rickett Pass

Zakk Gallows was a pleasure to listen to. He played a country-inspired set filled with covers like Hank Williams Sr’s “Hey Good Lookin’,” and Wayne Hancock’s “87 Southbound.” He’s a storyteller and evoked heartfelt emotions with his rich country twang and strong acoustic. Gallows played an original song inspired from, “…spending the night at PJ Lager watching Lucky Tubb all by my lonesome.” And he proceeded to sing about his lonesome, making you forget that you were in Detroit.

Cheerleader was a pleasant surprise and played their instruments with ease. A three piece Punk Rock band—not to be confused with a Riot Grrrl band—from Flint, their presence demanded your attention. Their pulsating drums, with a steady bass and a strong, raspy voice exuded a force to be reckoned with.  Yet they’re a band that you can relate to, yelling out lyrics like, “…so we like to drink/so we like to smoke/so we like to f*ck/what’s so wrong with that?” They certainly drew in the most people of the night with songs like, “Leather,” “18” and “Quencher.” And in the coming New Year, Cheerleader will actually be moving to Detroit so when you hear that they’re playing a show, go. They’re ready. Are you?

If you want to see a fun Punk Rock-Metal performance, check out Boom Swagger Boom. There should have been a sweet mosh pit going along with their heavy, foretelling music but with a lacking crowd, it was not meant to be. They’re actually not very different from most local punk bands, however, they sincerely offer you a good time with their: we love music and we’re going to play it regardless of what you think so suck it and enjoy yourself- style. Not only were they amusing with their continuous banter but they had heart. Towards the end of their set they played a kind of memorial song in honor of the late Dave K, “…next one is a little punk rock song about someone you all know.” This one in particular, was well received.

Rickett Pass is a Bluegrass Punk Folk band that plays with an incredible level of insomniac energy. They’re a quartet consisting of a spirited banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar and a washtub bass with a doll’s head on top of the staff and strings that will “…f*ck you in the face.” They played “Cocaine,” and “Bad Decisions,”—also the title of their future album—a rolling ballad with the fervor of Gogol Bordello and beyond. They cracked jokes the entire night, humorously playing the first few lines of Britney Spear’s first single, “…Baby One More Time.” They covered Bill Wither’s “Ain’t No Sunshine,” changing it from an R&B hit to a folksy rendition instead. It was a shame that the crowd was practically non-existent during their set because despite The Goddamn Gallows not playing, Rickett Pass was well worth the trip to Detroit.

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