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The Raconteurs @ MI Fest 9/17/2011 (Photos)

To put it simply, The Raconteurs shined on the night of the first MI Fest. What a lucky crowd of people we were that night to witness the re-awakening of a band of paramount importance. Enjoy the pictures!


Consoler of the Lonely
Salute Your Solution
You Don’t Understand Me
Top Yourself
Old Enough
Many Shades of Black
Intimate Secretary
The Switch and the Spur
Broken Boy Soldier
Blue Veins

Steady, As She Goes
Carolina Drama

Shooting Notes: (For the photography lovers!) I used a 24-70mm f/2.8. The challenging part of this shoot was that the stage was pretty high up so we were shooting at tricky angles. By “we” I mean I mean approximately 15-20 photogs and the VIP peeps (20) hanging out front and center. It was a crowded pit, but in a strange way it added to the exhilaration of the moment. It was a big performance and it seemed fitting to be surrounded by a lot of people. Although one of my favorite things to do when shooting a show is to block out the audience and pretend I’m at my own personal concert ha! This pit got a lil rough with all the photogs jockeying for their spots with big telephotos. It reminded me a little bit of gentle boxing out during basketball free throws. Again, I liked that element because it added some excitement to the challenge of getting the shot. The lighting was decent.


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