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Album Review: Aaron Lewis “The Road” (Score 90% )

Aaron Lewis, frontman of Staind has made a significant impact in the alternative rock space. All signs point towards a successfully leap into the country realm as well. His 2011 debut EP made it to spot #1 of the Billboard’s Country Sales Chart. Debut single “Country Boy” went gold and earned him multiple award nominations. His new album The Road is scheduled to be released on November 13th. In fact, Aaron Lewis credits Kid Rock with helping him to re-explore country music back when he first toured with Kid Rock in 1999. Perhaps this calls for a Kid Rock collaboration in the future?! We had the opportunity to preview the new release and are happy we did. “The Road” is a simple album with strong lyrics and instrumentation that highlight the beauty of Aaron Lewis’ voice. Here is our track by track breakdown:

75-The title refers to I-75 which happens to go through Detroit. My Grandpa listened to the country in the car so this song reminds me of him and it’s entertaining to hear a song about a highway we travel on so often. This track is a melancholy tune that sets the tone of the album.

The Road-Aaron’s voice sounds clear and strong. We admire his low range on this track that resumes the travelin’ theme.

Endless Summer-Coulda used a little more soul. Not quite as convincing as Kid Rock’s song “All Summer Long” but we may be a bit biased. Good video though. 🙁

Red, White, Blue-Personal lyrics always make for a good song!

Lessons Learned-Aaron’s low voice shines on this song, and it was during this song that his voice in indeed perfect for country music although we hope he still sings rock ballads from time to time! Nevertheless, his voice is “one of a kind” regardless of what genre of music he sings.

Forever-This is another song already drumming up some touching comments online about how this song has helped people repair their relationships or move past them. We love how his voice sounds on the line, “Now I’m laying beside you…”

Granddaddy’s Gun-Solid storyline

State Lines-We enjoyed learning about his life on the road as a musician, and got a kick out of his declaration of “carrying contraband across state lines.”

Anywhere But Here-A soldier in Afghanastan commented on Youtube: “i listen to this song every curntley stationed in Afghanistan,its like hell here i would do anything to be back home with my lil boy!but im proud to say im a U.S marine.this song keeps me going everyday!” Touching comment for a touching song!

Party In Hell-One of our favorite songs of the album! And no it is NOT the party track of the album despite what the title may imply.

Score= 9/10 

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