Mayday Parade, New Found Glory, Anti Flag, Yellowcard, Streetlight Manifesto and I Fight Dragons @ DETROIT VANS WARPED TOUR 2012

By Jacob Giampa

Mayday Parade:

Derek Sanders – Singer
Jeremy Lenzo – Bass/Singer
Alex Garcia – Guitar
Brooks Betts- Guitar
Jake Bundrick – Drums/Singer



New Found Glory:

Chad Gilbert- Guitar

Jordan Pundik – Singer

Cyrus Bolooki – Drums

Ian Grushka – Bass

Steve Klein – Guitar




Anti Flag:

Justin Sane – Singer/Guitar

Pat Thetic – Drums

Chris Head – Guitar

Chris Barker – Singer/Bass




Ryan Key – Singer, Guitar
Sean Mackin – Violin, Singer
Ryan Mendez – Guitar, Sunger
Longineu Parsons III – Drums
Josh Portman – Bass

Streetlight Manifesto

Tomas Kaalnoky- Guitar/Singer

Mike Brown – Alto/Baritone Sax

Jim Conti -Alto/Tenor Sax

Pete McCullough – Bass

Matt Stewart – Trumpet

Nadav Nirenberg – Trombone

Chris Thatcher – Drums


I Fight Dragons:

Brian Mazzaferri – Singer/Guitar

Packy Lundholm – Singer/Lead Guitar

Hari Rao – Bass

Chad Van Dahm – Drums

Bill Prokopow – Rock Band Guitar/ NES/SNES/ NES Advantage/NES Zapper/Keyboards/Nintendo-Control-Center


New Found Glory at Royal Oak Music Theatre 11/3/11 (Photos & Review)

Members: Chad Gilbert, Jordan Pundik, Cyrus Bolooki, Ian Grushka, Steve Klein

Don’t Let Her Pull You Down
Better Off Dead
All Downhill From Here
Anthem for the Unwanted
Truck Stop Blues
At Least I’m Known For Something
Failure’s Not Flattering
Kiss Me
(Sixpence None the Richer cover)
I’m Not The One
Something I Call Personality
Listen To Your Friends
Head On Collision
Summer Fling, Don’t Mean A Thing
Forget My Name
Boy Crazy
Hit or Miss
Basket Case
(Green Day cover)
Blitzkrieg Bop
(Ramones cover)
My Friends Over You

The New Found Glory concert was a dizzying masterpiece of fast-paced stage movement, expert audience moshing, and raw lyrical emotion. Frontman Jordan Puntnik isn’t afraid to show his emotional investment in the words he sings, which has helped to endear the band to its many fans.