Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance @ DTE 09/09/2011 (Photos and Review)

My Chemical Romance played a strong set Sunday night at DTE, but lead singer, Gerard Way, had his top moment when performing “First Date” with Blink 182 in order to give Tom Delonge some time to rest his voice due to a nasty cold. After the song, it was evident Gerard was thrilled to have gotten a chance to perform with Blink 182. It was great to see. Matt & Kim also got to perform with Blink 182. Well…Matt sang while Kim did some fun hump-dancing and beer drinking. The guys from Blink 182 were not afraid afraid to show their goofball sides by throwing out mischievous sex quips and other funny comments like bantering about how the night’s setlist didn’t properly say the correct song-it just said “Gerard”. This led to Blink 182 commenting the rest of the night about how “f***ing good looking” Gerard is and labeling him a “Dreamboat.” Indeed he is-an extremely talented one!

Blink 182 sounded great especially considering Tom Delonge’s illness. The stage lighting was modern, colorful and changed constantly into interesting patterns. One of the main highlights occurred during the first song of the Encore. A large hand-like contraption lifted Travis Barker and his drums off the stage and slowly maneuvered him around the amphitheater as Travis Performed his solo “Give the Drummer Some.” This part of the show must have cost the band a small fortune but it was worth it. During this moment it was impossible not to remember that only a few ago Barker survived a terrible plane crash. To see him pounding away on those drums is a wonderful and remarkable thing. I also took a second to remember DJ AM who struggled in life after surviving the crash. All in all, it was a great night made complete by the performances of all three acts.

My Chemical Romance Setlist

  1. (Noise jam)
  2. (Reworked version)
  3. Blink 182 Setlist

Matt & Kim @ DTE 9/11/11 (Photos & Review)

Matt & Kim put on a lively show full of energy and lots of smiling. They are a lot of fun and have successfully found their own niche in the music biz with their quirky up-beat indie sound. The first song I ever heard by Matt & Kim was “Northeast” which sounds more melancholy than some of their other songs but shows their depth as a duo. Matt & Kim are impossible not to like, and by the end of their set I felt like I had met two new best friends. They have a great ability to bond with their audience and entertain at the same time. Seeing them live made me like them even more.