Fun. @ St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit! 4/15/12 (Concert Review & Photos)

Members: Nate Ruess, Jack Antonoff, Andrew Dost

Someday Detroiters will think back to Fun’s sold-out performance at St. Andrew’s Hall and remember when they got to see the band perform at such an intimate venue. Andrew Dost is originally from Traverse City, MI which made this show a family affair. Parents and other relatives of the band members were at the show in support of Fun’s success. This brought extra warmth and personality to the performance. Nate Ruess amusingly told the crowd that even though he was born in Phoenix, he didn’t choose that, and he would have chosen Detroit and “Detroit’s soul” is given the opportunity. Nate’s sincerity and one-of-a kind voice entranced the crowd. The strongest singers best showcase their vocal abilities at live shows because a recording cannot quite display their true vocal power. Nate Ruess falls into this category-his voice was unwavering. Fun. is aptly named because the group isn’t afraid to incorporate different musical styles into the same album such as gospel and riveting tribal beats. Their musicianship, personal and sometimes sad lyrics entwined with the hopeful and wistful spirit of Fun., make this band shine. Also, they were a pleasure to photograph due to their expert stage lighting. Enjoy the pictures!   

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  1. […] This summer when we saw Fun. perform live at Detroit’s St. Andrew’s Hall, we knew big things were coming their way. We never could have predicted they would get to perform at Obama’s inauguration and be nominated for six Grammys. While it was wonderful to see them perform at an intimate venue such as St. Andrew’s Hall, it was even more fantastical to see them backed by an impressive stage show that supported and enhanced their theatrical pop music. […]

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