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Album Review-Jamaican Queens-Wordfood (Score-111%)


Genre-Alt/Indie Rock, INdie Electronic, Indie Pop, Neo-Psychedelia

My biggest critique of this album is that I wish there were a few more tracks. MORE! I WANT MORE! Jamaican Queens, when not touring, are out on the town checking out fellow Detroit musicians’ sets. (Read their Twitter HERE, it’s entertaining:) Their sound is indeed their own, and makes me proud that a group from the Detroit are is putting out something so original, moody, smart and stylish. Here is my first impression review:

1. Water-I love this song. I can’t really imagine liking another song so much this year. I proclaim this the Song of the Year woo woo, and I don’t give NO SHITZ that it is only March. Why do I like this song so much? First, I love the way  they “talk” or sing-it’s the lilt of their voices, their charming way of pronouncing words…The way they say: “I’m sorry,” “heart,” “love” “couch” “time”  “you’re scared alone, I know.” ARGH everything! This is also the ultimate “sway song” meaning that when you hear it, you sway. Check the video, they sway too in it. Well, Adam Pressley does with a bunch of chicks. Props to Adam for managing to make every cool girl crush on him after seeing this video. JQ’s singer Ryan Spencer states that this song is about falling in love while on ecstasy, only to realize that it wasn’t love after all.  Whatever this song is, it gets a +1. (I never gave anybody a +1 before.)

2. Kids Get Away-Love the electronic effects added. Bouncy drum beats add to the vibe of the song. I first saw this video on Noisey: where it is explained that this song is a reminded to stop “being an idiot” so that bad things don’t happen. Great song, great video. Nevertheless, this year I will not walk around the streets of Hamtramck after and before the Blowout alone. Thanks JQ, you just saved my life:)

3. Black Madonna-Bongo drumming, a smooth falsetto voice. A title like “Black Madonna” is bound to grab some interest. I look forward to when I can google this song and how the lyrics displayed in front of me.

4. Annie-Wind chimes for a whimsical song. You can lick my earlobes if you want to=lyrics. Relatable- many of us have had someone who we couldn’t say no to. Like the uncontrollable sobbing at the end of the song and the messed-up drumming at the end. Damn that Annie.

5. Wormfood-Adds the female vocals of Abby Fiscus to their trippy sound.When things blow, just remember we are all Wormfood. I like Abby on this track. She is the face on the cover and does a lot of their photos as well.

6. Wellfleet Outro-Trippy duet. The high pitched parts take a little getting used to. Forlorn and fuzzy. Did I hear a clarinet? I like the lyrics, but the deep dark fuzz saves this track. I think i’d like this better live. Abby would bring an interesting element to their stage show. Good breakup song for grieving. Fiscus’ vocals remind me of the Meg White of drums meaning that the sound is meant to be more raw and organic.

7. Sharkteeth-Dig how he says, “I want to settle DOWN” and says the DOWN in a low voice. It adds just a bit of drama that reminds me the theatricalness of their old band Prussia. It’s nice to see signs of Prussia, but one thing I prefer about Jamaican Queens is that it’s much less theatrical. Instead of being “theatrical” the Jamaican Queens come off more as eccentric in a cool way so that when I listen to their music, I can pretend I’m cool too. Thanks. Folky and tender. These guys have lots of personality mixed with some playfulness.

8. Asleep at the Wheel-Another album favorite. Slow pulsing beat with great synth work and nifty noises. Ryan Spencer=Charismatic.

9. Caitlyn-UGH so good it hurts. “I’m sorry about the earth around you caving in.” I enjoy how this song builds as the drums and snyth come in so simply as it all blurs together.

Score 10/9=111%

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