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Detroit Domination: Passalacqua (Photos)

By Alexis Simpson

We got the chance to snap a few shots of the mega-talented duo Passalacqua this weekend at DIY Street Fest in Ferndale. Check out their new video as well! Members: Blaksmith and Mister ONE Passalacqua TWO Passalacqua THREE Passalacqua FOUR Passalacqua FIVE Passalacqua SIX Passalacqua SEVEN Passalacqua EIGHT Passalacqua NINE Passalacqua TEN Passalacqua ELEVEN Passalacqua TWELVE Passalacqua THIRTEEN Passalacqua FOURTEEN Passalacqua FIFTEEN Passalacqua SIXTEEN Passalacqua

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