Blink 182 at Voodoo 10/29/11(Photos & Review)

Tom Delonge
Mark Hoppus
Travis Barker

Feeling This
Up All Night
The Rock Show
What’s My Age Again?
I Miss You
Stay Together for the Kids
Wishing Well(Live Debut)
After Midnight
First Date
Heart’s All Gone
Man Overboard
Ghost on the Dancefloor
All the Small Things
When You Fucked Grandpa
Family Reunion

A live Blink 182 show is a mix between a punk rock concert and a comedy club outing. Mark and Tom of Blink 182 had a blast cracking jokes about each others’ mom’s pretty parts, Justin Bieber, Girl Scouts, and each other’s butts. Travis banged away on his drums like a man who has an endless supply of energy. Their setlist was a perfect balance of new and old music. When introducing “Man Overboard” the guys explained that it was a serious song about a friend who had been drinking and jumped off a 3-story building. They then advised “Don’t drink and jump.” They guys also reminisced about the first time they played in New Orleans to an empty audience. Nowadays Blink 182 are commanding a large audience and have over 5.5 million fans on Facebook. Congrats on a great year and new album!

             Note Note the pink nail polish. How punk rock.

                Note the Chewbacca mask behind the bottle of water-the subject of their jokes!

For the hardcore fans…Here are a few of my fave pics from their Detroit show: