Sara’s Dating Profile of the Week

By Sara Online dating sites are a trip. If you are interested in this guy’s genitalia, please inquire within and we will hook it up. Excerpt from his profile: Sex is the reason we were created. You might as well start practicing. I have a functional pair of genitals. I seek a female with a […]

WTF? Would you Go to a Toilet Restaurant?

There is a toilet-themed restaurant based in Taiwan with several other locations throughout Asia. Owner Wang Zi-Wei says that his inspiration for “Modern Toilet” came from a Japanese cartoon Dr. Stump who loved to “play with poop and swirl it on a stick.” Customers dine on acrylic toilets prettily decorated with designs like roses and […]

WTF Justin Bieber has Special Powers

This nutty but entertaining video was found by reader Scott Vincent. I wonder what Justin thinks of this.

WTF? The Rules of Cheating when Playing Words with Friends

By Alexis Simpson I cheat when I play Words with Friends. So what? You probably do too! It’s human nature. Cheating actually helps you to improve your game because you are shown words you would not have thought of yourself. Cheating CAN ruin the game if you take it too far. These are the ground […]

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