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Gogol Bordello @The Fillmore Theatre 5/26/12 (Photos, Concert Review, & Setlist)

The Gogol Bordello concert drew in all sorts of people to their Detroit show-motorcycle mamas, long-haired vagabonds, punk rockers, yups, harlots, drunkards, and hiphoppers. The spirit of Gogol Bordello rages on, as the eclectic group of fun-timers whooped it up and showed Detroit their kind of party. Show attendees raved about the energy, joy, and pure originality of Gogol Bordello. After the show, members of GB were seen enjoying food at local favorite, Bucharest Grill. Roni Size opened for Gogol Bordello and was later seen that evening at Detroit’s techno festival.


  1. Intro
  2. Ultimate
  3. Sally
  4. Immigrant Punk
  5. Not a Crime
  6. Wonderlust King
  7. My Companjera
  8. Last One Goes the Hope
  9. Tribal Connection
  10. Wataka Wataka
  11. Trans-Continental Hustle
  12. Immigraniada (We Comin’ Rougher)
  13. Break the Spell
  14. Jam Jelem
  15. When Universes Collide
  16. Pala Tute
  17. Start Wearing Purple
  18. Think Locally, Fuck Globally
  19. Dig Deep Enough
  20. Alcohol
  21. Mishto!
  22. Jealous Sister
  23. Sacred Darling
    Encore 2
  24. Illumination

Genre: Gypsy Punk

Members: Eugene Hutz – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Oren Kaplan – Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Sergey Ryabtsev – Violin, Vocals
Elizabeth Sun – Percussion, Vocals
Thomas ‘Tommy T’ Gobena – Bass, Vocals
Yuri Lemeshev – Accordion
Pedro Erazo – Percussion, MC, Vocals
Oliver Charles – Drums, Vocals


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