Grizzlypalooza: Gym Class Heroes w/ New Boyz 4/12/12 (Review and Photos)

Members: Eric Roberts, Travie McCoy. Matt McGinley, Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo

Meadowbrook Music Festival in Rochester Hills, MI was full of eager college students and other die-hard fans ready to celebrate Spring’s first outdoor concert last Thursday. Gym Class Heroes put on a high-energy show that matched the exuberance of the crowd. Frontman Travie Mccoy had full command of the stage throughout the duration of the performance. He was evenly matched by his surprisingly funky band. The radio-friendly New Boyz performed just before GCH. The duo seemed enamored by the pretty co-eds in the crowd as they performed a slew of chart-topping songs.

New Boyz Photos
Members: Ben J & Legacy




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  1. Marc S. says:

    Does anybody know what brand Travie’s jacket is of?
    It would be amazing if one of you is able to help me.
    I appreciate every answer 🙂


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